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Extron FoxBox - Fiber Optic Extender for DVI, Audio and RS232
The Extron FOXBOX 4G DVI Plus Fiber Optic Extender is a transmitter and receiver set for long haul transmission of DVI, audio, and RS-232 control signals over a single fiber. Engineered for reliability and exceptional high resolution image performance, it uses Extron-exclusive all digital, zero compression technology, to deliver perfect pixel-for-pixel transmission of DVI computer-video images up to WUXGA 1920x1200 resolution, including HDTV 1080p/60. The FOXBOX 4G DVI Plus also includes an EDID emulation mode, Auto Input Memory, RS-232 control from multiple locations, internal test patterns, and real-time system monitoring. Compact, low profile enclosures allow for discreet installation behind a flat-panel display, and multiple receivers can be daisy-chained.
Optical fiber interconnection between transmitter and receiver
   Number/type  1 or 2 fiber optic
   Connectors  2 LC connectors
   Operating distance   
      Singlemode  30 km (18.75 miles) with singlemode (SM) cables with a FOXBOX 4G SM
      Multimode  300 m (985') with 62.5 µm multimode (MM) cables with a FOXBOX 4G MM
1 km (3280') with 50 µm multimode (MM) cables with a FOXBOX 4G MM
2 km (6561') with 50 µm 2000 MHz bandwidth laser optimized multimode cable with a
    NOTE     Operating distance is approximate.  These are typical maximum distances that may vary depending on factors such as fiber type, fiber bandwidth, connector splicing, losses, modal or chromatic dispersion, environmental factors, and kinks.
   Nominal peak wavelength  850 nm for FOXBOX 4G MM, 1310 nm for FOXBOX 4G SM
   Data rate  4.25 Gbps
   Transmission power   
      Singlemode  -5 dBm, typical
      Multimode  -5 dBm, typical
   Maximum receiver sensitivity   
      Singlemode  -18 dBm, typical
      Multimode  -12 dBm, typical
   Optical loss budget   
      Singlemode  13 dB, maximum
      Multimode  7 dB, maximum


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