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Video Distribution Equipment HDMI distributors and extenders
Opticis HDMI Fiber detachable module

           100 mtr HDMI Modular extender WUXGA 1920x1200 or HDTV 1080 p

The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a simple connection and high quality digital interface between Audio and Video sources and HDTVs. An application of optical technology to this transmission gives stretch high definition digital quality beyond extension limit of copper HDMI cables with longer length, data security, negligible RFI/EMI and the elimination of costly analog distribution systems.

 M1-2R2H-TR is fiber/copper detachable module that adopts one(1) RJ-45C UTP cable for DDC/HDCP/CEC interconnection as well as two(2) duplex LC patch cord fibers to transmit the TMDS graphic data, which make connection of a transmitter and a receiver module. It enables lossless digital audio and high definition video of 1080p with 36-bit color depth that is the best performance among the products released for HDMI 1.3. It is extensible at any length up to 100m (328feet).

It is applicable to long-distance extension of digital HDMI TV systems like LCD or plasma panels and beam projectors in interconnection for not only home theater but also industrial displays like medical, military, aero, factory, and traffic control.

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